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Return Felix to the Office of Seaside Mayor

There are five main ways you can help my campaign

  1. Vote for me as early as possible!
    (vote by mail)
  2. Tell your friends why you are voting for me and why they should too
  3. You can endorse me and display a sign
  4. You can volunteer in a number of ways
  5. You can make a donation (donate button on this page)

Please consider doing all five!

Donation information

Any donation (cumulative) by the same person or organization over $99 is “reportable” by name, so if you don’t want your name sent to the CA Fair Political Practices Commission or published in the local newspaper(s), please take that into consideration.

Regardless of donation amount, law requires us to keep your name, occupation and contact details on file, so please make sure to fill out the donation form completely.

Do it with little effort! You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to donate by credit card. Just enter the amount of your donation and then click the continue link as shown in the example below.

The image above is a help sample only. To donate, click the donate button on the right.

Thanks for your help!

Page Last Edited: Monday, October 10, 2016

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