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Politician Endorsements

To my knowledge, I am the only politician in the entire Monterey Bay Region who does not accept endorsements from politicians in their official capacity.  I also do not endorse politicians myself.

Why is this?

In short, one never knows with whom one will serve. It is counterproductive to alienate people with whom one must work, especially when that “offense” begins before the new (i.e. post-election) working relationship itself!

As a result of this policy I hit the ground running when elected as Mayor in 2010 and did not need to mend any bridges with “offended” colleagues.  Of course, some members of the Seaside council have strong preconceptions and affinity to the “old guard” and it is an ongoing effort to completely “win them over.”  It is worth noting the vast majority of votes undertaken during my term were unanimous and in line with my recommendations.

One of my opponents, who is sometimes described as a “powerful” politician, has in many cases been ineffective.  Many leaders in the region have hindered his work because of the preconceptions and unpalatable alliances to which he continues to subscribe.

Let’s reach out broadly and not let Seaside be isolated again due to self-limiting political affiliations.

Page Last Edited: Monday, October 10, 2016

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