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Endorsements - Past

Here are a list of past endorsements — from the 2014 election.


You’ll note practically every major entity endorsed me in 2014.  Of course, I did not take quite as “hard” a line while advocating for and accepting “general” endorsements as I currently do.

Humorous by their absence:

groups which advocate for the spending of public money for private benefit (such as toll road building, private utilities, etc.) did not endorse me.

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Media Endorsements — 2014

  • Monterey County Weekly (Monterey County's leading independent and largest circulation newspaper)

    "...we expect Felix to pull back the reins on three critical issues where Ralph has been recklessly charging forward ... we like that he's willing to listen to the public in a way Rubio isn't, that he's 'highly skeptical' of Monterey Downs, and that he prides himself on being a contrarian. Shake it up, Felix."

  • Monterey Bay Partisan (a public interest blog run by Royal Calkins, the former editor of the Monterey Herald)

    "Bachofner should be back in office. When he was mayor...he worked hard on all sorts of issues and represented a wider range of interests than Rubio does."

Group Endorsements — 2014

These endorsements are notable in that they are made by broad-interest stakeholder groups.  Each but one has all or a significant portion of their operations focused on Seaside and its residents and businesses.  Each is interested in maximizing positive return on any effort (financial or community planning) for Seaside.

I have not taken endorsements from narrow-focused special interest groups.  Such groups back or are involved in projects which benefit a small group of individuals, often at the expense of Seaside's residents and/or businesses.

Individual Endorsements — 2014

Some comments from select individual endorsers:

Bertrand Deprez: Felix has a better vision for the future of Seaside. Fiscally responsible and smart growth oriented, Felix will lead our city on the right path to success.

Susan Schiavone: Felix encourages citizen participation and has balanced the budget in the past with reserves for infrastructure....let's bring him back.

Thomas Hughes: I feel that Felix will get more 'bang for the buck' from our tax dollars through careful and thoughtful management of city employees and resources.

Myrna Cavanah: Felix genuinely cares about the city of Seaside. He will not hesitate to do the right thing to provide for the city's growth and ensure a prosperous future for the residents. He is not a member of the 'good ole boys' club that has become prevalent in our city government, so is beholding to no one. He values the input of Seaside citizens when making important decisions for the welfare of the city.

Margaret Osborne: He balanced our Budget Debt. Opened City Hall. Felix is a business man, he ran our city in that manner. We need leaders with Management skills to promote our City; bring Contractors/ Business here. To get the City back on track, we need Felix BACK!

Steven Scott: Felix has a tireless work ethic and he genuinely cares about the Seaside Community.

Brenda Lewis: Felix is firmly focused on 'what's best for Seaside'. He understands the issues that plague our city, and has viable solutions to move Seaside forward. I am impressed with his prior performance as mayor. Seaside has a prosperous future with Felix at the helm.

James Toy: Felix is a fiscal conservative who respects and protects our area's natural beauty. He has the broad understanding of urban land use issues Seaside needs to provide economically sound, environmentally friendly, and architecturally attractive development projects.

Voices of some friends of Seaside:

Bill Hood (former executive director of AMBAG): Felix is his own man, intelligent and analytical to address the complicated issues that Seaside faces. His only allegiance is to the people of Seaside.

Ronald Peet (former Seaside resident): Felix Bachofner understands money, and his political philosophy is strong, and clear, and based on sound research and life experience.

Nina Beety (former Seaside resident): Felix is willing to tackle difficult issues. He is non-partisan, fair, and ethical in his dealings. He listens and cares about all the residents of Seaside. He promotes Seaside and its future. He's very practical.

Politician Endorsements

To my knowledge, I am the only politician in the entire Monterey Bay Region who does not accept endorsements from politicians in their official capacity.  I also do not endorse politicians myself.

A complete discussion is on the politician endorsements page.

Let’s reach out broadly and not let Seaside be isolated again due to self-limiting political affiliations.

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