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Former Ft. Ord / FORA

Fort Ord Reuse (and the Fort Ord Reuse Authority - “FORA”) are issues of key importance to the City of Seaside.

The former Fort Ord was established in 1917 and during World War II became one of the largest US Army training facilities.  The former Ft. Ord comprises 28,000 acres, an area as large as the City and County of San Francisco.

Since closure in 1994, Ft. Ord remains the largest base closure in US History.  Almost 40,000 people left the area after Ft. Ord closed and the area’s economy was hit very hard as a consequence.  [More than $1 billion in annual military payroll was lost to the area, for example.]

No community was more impacted than Seaside (although Marina, CA also has a significant portion of its City in the former base).

Due to the size of the closure there are a number of very important issues at stake.  There are also, unfortunately, a number of controversies brewing.  These are each complex issues and have separate pages:

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