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A new approach is needed

I am taking a much stronger approach regarding “general” endorsements this year.  This approach is much in line with my strong, long term stance on politician endorsements.

Rather than pander to each endorsing entity’s (often) narrow issues, I am taking a completely holistic view in every conversation I am having as a part of the 2016 campaign.  This almost always entails clearly telling stakeholders I will not support 100% of their requests — especially where those come into conflict with other interests.  This means that special interests will likely have significantly less interest in endorsing me during this election cycle.

Why is this important to you?  Have you ever noticed how politicians (and public agencies) don’t seem to get much done?  It is largely because they promise incompatible efforts (or benefits) to different stakeholders.  Then the politician spends an entire term trying to reconcile these conflicting promises — generally without resolution.

I am making a simple, consistent promise: maximum benefit to Seaside stakeholders first, Peninsula-wide second, then Monterey County, State and so on “up” the line.  Overriding any and all of this is respect for individual rights (with a recognition of individual responsibilities, too).

Special interest groups are, of course, unlikely to favor my approach and will continue endorsing weak-willed politicians willing to make illogical and irreconcilable compromises.

For some historical perspective I have listed past endorsements here.

Politician Endorsements

To my knowledge, I am the only politician in the entire Monterey Bay Region who does not accept endorsements from politicians in their official capacity.  I also do not endorse politicians myself.  This has been the case during my entire political career.

A complete discussion is on the politician endorsements page.

Let’s reach out broadly and not let Seaside be isolated again due to self-limiting political affiliations.

Page Last Edited: Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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