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Community Development / Resource Management

“Community Development” is what the vast majority of Cities in the U.S. seem to call the department tasked with making sure the community advances physically.

Generally this consists of disciplines (and sub-departments) such as planning, building, public works,  economic development and other departments such as the prototypical “parks and recreation” (which also offers programming above and beyond creating and maintaining park infrastructure) and cooperative efforts with other communities such as water and sewer resources.

Seaside expends effort in all these areas, but since the Citywide reorganization undertaken in (approximately) 2006, the parent department has been called “Resource Management Services.”  That’s probably confusing enough that it should be changed back to Community Development.  I hear that comment repeatedly.

Also, in Seaside, parks and recreation are organized separately under public works and recreation services, respectively.  That actually makes a lot of sense as there are two very different types of work (and employees) involved.

For purposes of addressing our physical needs and moving our community forward, we need new development and (on the publicly owned side) City maintenance and capital improvements.  Generally, the City needs to focus significant effort on the following:

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