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Ballot Statement

This is the exact same statement you will see in your official Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet. The only exception is that there are links to relevant details elsewhere in this site.

Statement of Candidate
Office of: Mayor

City: Seaside
Occupation: Small Business Owner, Former Mayor and Former Chair, Seaside Planning Commission

Age: 48

Education and Qualifications:
Georgetown University: International Security Studies
Management experience and additional coursework: investments, negotiations, technology.

Standing against horse-racing, gambling and bad planning is not enough. If we are to move Seaside forward in a positive way, we also need non-partisan inclusiveness, transparency, vigorous leadership, better methods and legislative savvy.

As Mayor, I called for efficient, sustainable, adaptive reuse of existing Ft. Ord infrastructure, adopted lessons from similar communities and demonstrated Seaside could lead the Peninsula while respecting our neighbors’ rights to a pristine environment. The establishment of the National Monument was one positive result.

Unfortunately, the City has ignored such assets and doesn’t market our strengths.

I’ve repeatedly demonstrated we can do even better with what we have. The City of Seaside and Monterey County have supported raising fees and taxes while not even debating better cost controls and efficiencies.

The few current bright spots — wastewater recycling, slightly improved City fiscal reserves, veterans’ cemetery — started with votes I instigated during 2010-2012.

I’d like to improve on these results and finally free the stagnation our community often suffered over decades of unhealthy leadership, weak management and poor ideas. I offer vibrant, positive efforts to my children and you.

Thank you for your participation, support and vote.

Page Last Edited: Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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