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Thank you for investigating my commitment to improve Seaside’s government and our wonderful community.

Over the course of more than 8 years I attended all but 2 regular Seaside Council meetings — more than any council or staff member.  Not only am I dedicated, but I have an intimate grasp of what is going on in Seaside City government, both good and bad.

During the same decade I have also met with hundreds of individual and business stakeholders and groups to learn what is important to you.  While Mayor from 2010 - 2012, I spent an average of 45 hours each week representing and guiding the interests of the City of Seaside.

Felix Bachofner speaking with constituents

Due to my persistent, outspoken leadership on issues regarding City policies and finances, in 2011 and 2012 the City finally passed two balanced budgets where expenses were less than revenues.  Previously, the City had spent almost $20 million of our hard earned reserves in less than a decade.

During my administration the City added to reserves and started preparing for massive investments in maintaining and improving the public infrastructure, including streets, parks and storm sewers.  Those investments could and would have been funded with existing revenues.

My team also started implementing a fiscal health program for the City. Those principles continue to protect the public's financial interests to a good degree.

Unfortunately, much of the positive trend established in 2010-2012 was reversed with the sitting of a new council in December of 2012 and its rapid increases to already high staff salaries.  Sadly, the City's expenses once again outpace its revenues.

While the City recognizes a need to invest in the public infrastructure, there is no plan on how to fund these; the revenue surpluses we handed off have been spent on special interests.  There is an expectation that the City will need to raise taxes or pass an assessment of over $1000 per household per year for the next 30 years!

Can you afford this amount of additional “reach” into your family's pocket each year?  This is described more fully on the Fiscal Responsibility page.

Clearly, the work necessary for our City to thrive is not done. I ask for your vote and support for my return to office this November. Let’s finally implement comprehensive fiscal well-being for the City so we can have the streets, services and programs we desire and deserve.

My continuing pledge to you:
If elected Mayor, I will lead the council to rebalance the budget and enable the City to maintain its entire infrastructure by tending to a healthy capital reserve. I will insist the council respect community input and embrace the good ideas brought forth by our residents and businesses. I will once again make the Mayor’s office approachable through e-mail, phone and in person visits and will establish published office hours. All sectors of the community will receive equal representation — not just special interest groups and individuals.

Please vote Felix Bachofner for Seaside Mayor by absentee ballot or on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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And please tell all your friends!

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