Bit of History!

Felix Bachofner served as Mayor of Seaside, CA from 2010 until 2012.

Felix drove the City Council to balance two budgets of Monterey County’s second largest City without spending any reserves (i.e. structurally balanced). Previous administrations depleted $13.8 million of reserves (down to just over $1 million) over a period of 7 years.

Subsequent to Felix's leadership on the budget, the City began spending approximately $4 million (about 20%) less in its General Fund than previously — yet services increased. City Hall services were expanded to a 5-day week, police patrol and fire service were enhanced and planning and recreation staffing were authorized for increases.

Felix's administration also wound down Monterey County’s largest Redevelopment Agency after the Governor, California state legislature and CA Supreme Court abolished all RDAs in the state. Properly handled, this increased the pace of development in Seaside and continues to add significant revenues to the General Fund to this day.

Beginning in approximately mid-2011 the City started experiencing its fastest pace of economic development in 25 years.

Unfortunately, successive councils have aggressively supported increased taxes at the City, County and State levels. This has directly and indirectly made various important projects flounder and seems even to have inspired some stakeholders to permanently leave the community, much like the "brain drain" experienced elsewhere in California.

Felix continues to support intelligent, appropriate development within the City, the Monterey Peninsula and the broader region and also still meets regularly with stakeholders.

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